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Why Does My Toilet Bubble When I Take a Shower

Wondering why your toilet bubbles when you shower? Interestingly, this is probably due to backflow in your sewer line.

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Sewer gas and liquid waste can go in the wrong direction if there are blockages or air bubbles in the pipes connected to your toilet — and that’s why the water starts bubbling.

The pressure from the shower pushes it up, forcing air and other particles out of the bowl.

There are various plumbing solutions to this problem, such as installing an air admittance valve or consulting a plumber about what can be done.

All that we will discuss in this blog is why does my toilet bubble when i take a shower and its solutions.

Let’s begin then.

Why Does My Toilet Bubble When I Take a Shower?

Taking a shower can be very relaxing and refreshing, but hearing strange bubbles coming from your toilet can be a cause for concern.

Experiencing a bubbling toilet while showering can be an alarming situation. After all, it’s not like your toilet should remain unused!

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1.Check Sewer Line

The most likely cause of bubbling is a blockage in the sewer line near your drain pipe. Drain cleaners can make the problem worse due to the chemical reaction, so a more natural remedy such as removing any tree roots that may be infiltrating the line will be much more effective.

Checking and cleaning your sewer lines should eventually clear up the problem and restore proper flow so you can enjoy using them in the order you want them — shower first by toilet flushing.

2.Check House Drain

The reason why your toilet might bubble when you bathe is due to a drain line or drain pipe issue.

The drain pipes collect wastewater created during your showering, and if there’s an obstruction then that water has nowhere to go.

Instead, it bubbles back up and out of the drain, leading to those loud noises coming from your toilet while you shower.

To fix this problem, check the drain line in your house to make sure everything is flowing correctly.

3.Check Vent Pipe

Another great reason why my toilet bubbles when I shower can be found in your vent pipe. A vent pipe is used to vent sewer gases out of space along the drain line to provide air pressure.

This venting system is known as “wet venting” and in the absence of air pressure from the backup line during the shower, those gases are pushed directly up through the toilet vent pipe.

 To check if this is really the cause, try running a garden hose between your toilets and see what happens if you increase the water flow – chances are, you’ll hear the same bubbling.

4.The Toilet is Clogged

If you’ve ever noticed the toilet bubbling when you take a shower, it is likely due to the toilet being clogged.

This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as an obstruction in the plumbing system or too much toilet paper being flushed down.

When this happens, water used in the shower starts to back up into the toilet and cause it to bubble.

To fix the issue, most often all that needs to be done is flush the toilet out with a large bucket of hot water and use a plunger if necessary.

Also, the sewer snake is inserted into the sewer line and moves through it until it finds the blockage.

After removing all debris from the sewer line with the sewer snake tool, flush any solids down the toilet to check if your problem is fixed.

How To Fix Toilet Bubble?

A gurgling toilet is not only annoying but potentially damaging to our plumbing. The good news is, it’s usually a quick and easy fix.

By checking to make sure the toilet tank gasket is in good condition and ensuring that the water flow can move freely will make sure air bubbles have nowhere to linger and your gurgling toilet will be history.

Make sure any gaskets are in good shape and don’t have worn or torn pieces as these will cause the water pressure to form air bubbles in the toilet by not being able to return water back into the bowl fast enough.

So the next time you hear bubbling where it shouldn’t be coming from, give this quick solution a try!

1.Use Plunger

The best tool for simple shower drain bubbles is a plunger – it basically works by creating suction that pushes the air out, restoring proper drainage flow.

Make sure the plunger seals tight around the drain before starting – then just press down repeatedly until the bubble disappears!

With this simple method, you’ll soon be showering without any worries about stepping into an unintended pool.

2.Clean Vent Pipe

The cause is generally the vent stack running from the roof of your building down to the main sewage line, which has been blocked.

Before you start trying to unblock it yourself – vent stacks are a direct line of access for wild animals and pests like rats – professional help may be necessary.

Once cleared, however, you’ll have a functional vent stack allowing smelly gases to escape your toilet properly and avoid draining issues. 

So don’t sweat it if you get a bubble burst during flushing; just take the steps needed to have it fixed as soon as possible!

3.Clear Sewer Lines

It’s a clogged sewer line that sewer lines can often be easily fixed with a sewer snake. This device, like an elongated coiled spring, is inserted into the sewer line and hooks onto debris and tree roots to open it up causing blockages.

If the problem persists after using this simple method, there are dozens of ways to further clean sewer lines without enlisting any professional help.

Whichever way you go, fixing a bubbling toilet will bring back the happy stool!

Summary of Why Does My Toilet Bubble When I Take a Shower

By now you have realized that this strange phenomenon can be caused by clogged sewer drains or air bubbles trapped in clean vent pipes.

But many suspect it has been noticed that the pressure of the hot shower collects air in these pipes and inverts them to other plumbing in your home, causing bubbles. 

Cleaning the drain line or having a professional hose clean the vent pipe can help restore peace and quiet to your bathroom, but if you’re looking for a little more troubleshooting then you should definitely contact a professional plumber.

Hope you got the problem solved to know anything else please comment below in the comment box and share with your friends.

FAQ: Why Does My Toilet Bubble When I Take a Shower

Q1.How Do I Know If There’s Air In My Water Pipes?

There are a few easy ways to determine if your pipes contain air. One of the most efficient methods is to open a faucet at its highest point in the house and allow it to run until all of its air has been expelled. Other telltale signs of an air-filled pipe include gurgling or sputtering sounds coming from fixtures when you turn them on or off.

Q2.Can A Gurgling Toilet Fix Itself

A gurgling toilet can actually fix itself Well there are steps you can take to stop the noise and prevent it from happening again in the future. An alternative is to pour liquid dishwashing soap down the toilet; It eliminates vacuum noise by condensing the air bubbles in the water in the bowl.

Q3. Is Toilet Gurgling Serious?

While flushing the toilet may seem like a nuisance, if you notice that your toilet is making unusual noises when you flush, don’t ignore it! This type of noise can be an indication that there is something wrong with the plumbing system such as insufficient ventilation or air pressure or a partial blockage in the sewer line.

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