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What Is The Best Smart Toilet: Expert Choice

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If you’re looking to create a smart home, smart toilets are the most convenient and feature-rich option, according to experts.

Smart toilets offer customizable temperature controls, adjustable water pressure, heated seats, and remote control capabilities to adjust all your toilet settings.

They also include energy-saving modes, night-lights, massage cleaning, and more.

In fact, a Stanford Medicine study reported that about 30% of people felt comfortable after using a smart toilet, and about 15% said it was very comfortable.

With so many options available, our experts have handpicked the five best smart toilets to help you choose the right type of toilet for your bathroom. Let’s start without delay.


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Smart Bidet Toilet One Piece Toilet with Auto Dual Flush By VOVO STYLEMENT

  • Auto dual flush
  • Led nightlight,
  • Heated seat, warm water and dry capabilities
  • Premium bidet has self cleaning

What Is a Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are the latest trend in smart home technology. Smart toilets can actually provide useful features that make life easier and reduce your water bill costs. 

These smart toilets are smart because they come with a variety of features, such as automatic flushing, a heated seat, hands-free opening and closing of the lid, air dryers, temperature-sensing lids, and more. 

With this range of smart features available, smart toilets can save you time and money – all while giving you the luxury of a convenient bathroom experience.

Smart Toilet What Does It Do

Smart Toilets are hands-free flushing units, equipped with advanced features to make your regular toilet experience more efficient and comfortable. 

Standard toilets simply require you to press a lever or flush the toilet manually, while Smart Toilets can detect motion and activate hands-free flushing. 

This means you don’t have to touch the toilet bowl to flush – proximity sensors detect movement or pressure waves that indicate someone has finished using the toilet, and then it performs an automated flush. 

This hands-free design makes Smart Toilets a great choice for bathrooms in high-traffic areas like airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, malls and corporate office buildings.

The Most Common Smart Toilet Features

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1. Automatic Flushing

Automatic flushing is one of the most common and sought-after smart toilet features available. Automatic flushing gives users the ability to conveniently achieve better hygiene without having to manually perform certain tasks.

Automatic flushing technology typically comes as a dual flush processor that uses sensors to detect if a user needs or wants full or half flush during usage.

Automatic flushing helps conserve water as it eliminates guesswork and encourages users to use only what they need, when they need it.

2. Remote Control

Remote control is one of the most common features you’ll find on today’s smart toilets. It allows the user to complete all sorts of tasks such as flushing, raising and lowering the toilet seat, automated washing and drying, and more.

Remote control makes operating a smart toilet much easier than ever before as you no longer need to rely on running around pressing buttons or knobs at each individual feature. 

3. LED Night Light

LED night lights are one of the most popular features of modern smart toilets. LED night lights allow you to navigate to the bathroom even in the dark, providing safety and convenience that might otherwise be missing. 

4. Heated Seat

Heated seat technology is only one benefit of choosing to upgrade your bathroom with a smart toilet. They keep you warm under those chilly winter months, help soothe sore muscles, and increase your general feeling of well-being. 

Heated seats provide a level of luxury and comfort that traditional toilets simply cannot match. 

5. Adjustable Water Pressure

Smart toilets offer a range of features designed to make your experience more luxurious. Adjustable water pressure is one of the most common smart toilet features, allowing you to tailor your shower experience to the exact level of force and temperature you desire. 

Adjustable water pressure can also be great for reducing noise, conserving water, and preserving fixtures while still providing enjoyable pressure levels.

6. Hands-Free Flushing

Hands-free flushing is the most common feature included in these high tech fixtures, often activated with the wave of a hand or push of a button. 

Hands-free flushing provides the convenience and comfort that any homeowner desires, as well as additional safety for children and those with dexterity issues.

What Is The Best Smart Toilet

1. Smart Bidet Toilet One Piece Toilet with Auto Dual Flush By VOVO STYLEMENT

Smart Bided toilet and written over " Smart Bidet Toilet One Piece Toilet with Auto Dual Flush By VOVO STYLEMENT "
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Auto Flushing: Yes
  • Auto Open/Close: Yes
  • Tank Position: Tankless
  • Gallon Per Flush:1.12 GPF
  • This Smart Bidet Toilet is very sleek and space efficient.
  • A special feature of this is that it will automatically flush based on how long it has been sitting.
  • The bidet has features that differentiate between the male and female anatomy.
  • It is well built and gives you the feel of a luxury fixture.
  • Eco-friendly design reduces the use of toilet paper and water.
  • Because of the quite heavy remote but that’s not a problem.
  • Many did not like the material.

The VOVO Stylement Smart Bidet Toilet offers a truly luxurious experience. this one piece intelligent smart toilet is made in Korea and has amazing features like auto dual flush, led nightlight, heated seat, warm water and dry capabilities.

The smart seat sensor can distinguish between small flush and large flush with the automatic dual flush function providing users with hands-free operation. 

For added convenience, the premium bidet has self cleaning stainless steel nozzle with auto deodorization to keep your bathroom space smelling great. 

An included wireless remote controller provides posterior, feminine, and turbo wash functions. this eco-friendly smart toilet also features a tankless flushing system that uses tornado wash to powerfully clean while using no stale water. 

With its smart toilet auto open feature you’ll be able to enjoy all these features without getting up from your seat!

2.Intelligent Smart Bidet and Wireless Remote Control By WOODBRIDGE

Smart Bided toilet and written beside " Intelligent Smart Bidet and Wireless Remote Control By WOODBRIDGE "
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Auto Flushing: Yes
  • Auto Open/Close: Yes
  • Tank Position: Tankless
  • Gallon Per Flush:1.28 GPF
  • Automatic Open and closing Sensor.
  • Auto flush option , no need push to any button.
  • It has silver ion bacterial nozzle, with the help of which complete hygiene can be maintained.
  • The water heats up instantly, you don’t have to wait for it.
  • There are six kinds of heat temperature level
  • It has a separate system for feminine cleaning and rear cleaning
  • There is intelligent deodorization system.
  • You cannot replace its seat yourself.
  • P-Traps do not hold water and therefore keep small black flies in the drain unobstructed and always keep the lid closed.
  • If any parts are damaged or broken, they are not easily found.

Smart toilets are revolutionizing the way we use the bathroom, and the Woodbridge is a great example of smart toilet technology that provides hygiene, comfort, and convenience.

This smart toilet boasts intelligent auto open and close bidet seat with wireless remote for easy operation and also offers a range of hygienic wash modes such as posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, and adjustable water pressure for ultimate cleanliness.

The air purification system equipped in this smart toilet works to eliminate odors by passing air through an ionized carbon filter before it dispenses from the deodorizer.

Its high efficiency 1.28 GPF flush allows for quiet yet powerful flushing action that keeps your bathrooms clean at all times!

3.Smart Toilet Next Generation Bidet Functions By ALPHA BIDET

Smart Toilet Next generation of bidet and written " Smart Toilet Next Generation Bidet Functions By ALPHA BIDET "
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Auto Flushing: Automatic Dual Flush
  • Auto Open/Close: Yes
  • Tank Position: Tankless
  • Gallon Per Flush:1.12 GPF
  • This smart toilet is both stylish and efficient.
  • Auto flush works based on how long one sits instead of speed (seat sensor).
  • The water sprayer’s modification (position and pressure) allows for even more customisation.
  • Semi-permanent strainer filters – trap and remove debris particles in water, providing cleaner water.
  • It is very easy to install and very easy to use.
  • It is expensive but best buy.
  • The metal T-connector is screwed to the plastic fill valve shank and be very careful when screwing.

The ALPHA BIDET UXT Pearl smart toilet combination offers the next generation of bidet functions for an enhanced and hygienic experience.

It even has a hands-free automation feature that includes an automatic seat and lid with a proximity sensor, as well as a multi-function foot sensor for a seamless toileting experience. 

The smart toilet also features an ultra low profile design with attractive striking design features like an in-bowl LED nightlight and side halo LED providing you with extra style and comfort while taking care of your business. 

With the advanced tankless water heater, photocatalyst deodorizer, air plasma bowl freshener, ambient light sensor, warm air dryer, and 3 year warranty you can be sure that the ALPHA BIDET UXT smart toilet will exceed all of your expectations.

4.Smart Toilet with One Piece Bidet By EPLO 

right side of picture smart bided and written on " Smart Toilet with One Piece Bidet By EPLO " and logo "bathinhouse"
  • Material: Ceramic, Plastic
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Auto Flushing: Yes
  • Auto Open/Close: Yes
  • Tank Position: Tankless
  • Gallon Per Flush:1.6GPF/1.1GPF
  • Dual Siphonic Flushing Technology, one startup will activate 2 Siphonic flushes and double-cleansing.
  • The super absorbent power of diatoms can absorb odorous particles as well as convert harmful particles into oxygen particles.
  • HD digital screen instantly water temperature and seat temperature.
  • 6-speed adjustable air temperature for quick drying.
  • Heated seats 3 protection for safe temperature control.
  • Technical problems may occur.

The smart toilet revolution is well and truly here with the EPLO Smart Toilet! This modern, elongated one-piece bidet toilet for bathrooms is packed to the brim with convenience features.

Whether it’s the heated bidet seat or 19-inch high tankless technology with LED display, you won’t be wanting for anything.

Best of all, turn on the smart functions that make use of automatic toilet technologies like off-seat flushing, button control operations, foot sensing flushes and much more–all controllable via remote control.

It even offers improved personal cleansing with its self-cleaning arc wand.

5. Smart Bidet Toilet Elongated Automatic Flushing with Remote Control By WOODBRIDGE

Smart toilet picture and written on " Smart Bidet Toilet Elongated Automatic Flushing with Remote Control By WOODBRIDGE " and logo of "bathinhouse"
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Auto Flushing: Yes
  • Auto Open/Close: No
  • Tank Position: Tankless
  • Gallon Per Flush:1.6 GPF/1.0 GPF
  • Foot sensor zone can be touched to open/close lid and seat.
  • Subtle side buttons, which are very easy and convenient to operate.
  • Low-pressure activation technology that guarantees normal flushing even at low water pressure.
  • Multi-direction and multi-mode cleaning for different groups of people.
  • Warm air for quick drying which is comfortable.
  • Its fitting may be difficult to find.
  • Customer service is not very convenient.

The WOODBRIDGE smart bidet toilet is designed to make life a little easier, with its one-piece modern design and integrated multi-function remote control. 

Its smart foot sensor operation adds an extra layer of convenience: by simply touching the foot sensor zone, you can open and close the lid and seat then automatically flush after three minutes. 

Additionally, it boasts posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water, and lightless catalyst for pollutant conversion. Finally, its high efficiency dual flush rounds out this smart toilet’s impressive features!

Pros And Cons Of Smart Toilet

Smart toilet technology is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and luxury features it offers. In order to determine if a smart bidet toilet is right for you, it is best to carefully consider both the pros and cons beforehand.

Pros of Using Smart Toilet

Right side of picture smart wall hung toilet written beside "Smart Toilet Use Pros "

1.  Water Efficiency

Smart toilets are designed to be water efficient, which can save you money on your water bill and help to conserve water. Most smart toilets have a dual flush feature that allows you to choose between a full flush and a partial flush, depending on your needs. 

2.  Reduced Waste

Another benefit of smart toilets is that they can help to reduce waste. Smart toilets are designed to reduce the amount of water used per flush, which means that there will be less water available to transport waste away from your home.

3.  Better for the Environment

Because smart toilets use less water and generate less waste, they are better for the environment than traditional toilets. 

4.  Enhanced Hygiene

Smart toilets also offer enhanced hygiene features that can help to keep your bathroom cleaner. For example, many smart toilets come with self-cleaning features that can help to remove bacteria and other contaminants from the bowl.

Cons of Using Smart Toilet

Right side of picture smart wall hung toilet written beside "Smart Toilet Use cons "

1.  They’re Expensive

One of the biggest cons of smart toilets is that they’re expensive. A high-end smart toilet can cost several thousand dollars, which is a lot more than a traditional toilet. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for installation, which can add even more to the cost.

2.  They May Not Be as Effective

While smart toilets have features that can help to reduce water usage, they still use a fair amount of water. Additionally, some people find that the self-cleaning features of smart toilets don’t work as well as they’d like.

3.  They Can Be Difficult to Use

Some people find smart toilets to be difficult to use. The controls can be confusing, and the features may not work the way you expect them to.

4.  They May Not Fit in Your Bathroom

Another con of smart toilets is that they may not fit in your bathroom. Smart toilets are often larger than traditional toilets, so you may need to remodel your bathroom to accommodate one.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Smart Toilet

When considering smart toilet installation, it is important to consider the worth of the upgrade. Smart toilets come with a variety of benefits – they are designed with water-saving technology and additional luxury features that regular toilets lack.

Depending on where you purchased the smart toilet from, installation costs can vary wildly; some smart toilets can cost anywhere from $580 to over $2500

How Much Electricity Does A Smart Toilet Use

Smart toilets are quickly gaining popularity due to their smart features such as heated seats, air dryers, and self-cleaning options. Yet there’s one big question that remains: how much energy does one of these smart toilets use? 

To answer that question, it helps to understand the components of smart toilets. It turns out that smart toilets utilize a surprisingly small amount—about the same amount as a regular toilet—of electricity in order to power their smart sensors, motors and other devices.

The good news is that smart toilets have been designed with overall energy efficiency in mind. 

Summary of What Is The Best Smart Toilet

If you were wondering what the best smart toilet was for your shower, then hopefully this article helped clear some things up for you.

The VOVO STYLEMENT Smart Bidet Toilet and WOODBRIDGE Intelligent Smart Bidet are both great options that come packed with features to make your life easier.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference as to which one is the best fit for your bathroom floor. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our other articles on amazing home improvement products, including toilets, showers ,bathroom floor, bathtub and bathroom accessories!

Hope you like this blog, if you have any query then comment below in the comment box and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

FAQ: Smart Toilet What Does It Do & Should You Buy

Q1.Are Smart Toilets Hygienic?

Smart Toilets provide enhanced comfort and convenience for bathroom users, their hygienic capabilities are their most impressive aspect. Smart Toilets can detect waste and eliminate it without any user input. They feature antibacterial surfaces that help keep bacteria from spreading further into your home or office.

Q2.Can Smart Toilets Be Hacked?

Smart toilets are connected to home Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices increasing potential exposure to threats including hackers who can gain access to a range of data, from flush usage to personal information stored in the toilet such as credit card numbers. Smart toilet owners need to be aware of this issue .

Q3.Are Smart Toilets Eco Friendly?

Smart toilets have energy-saving features such as automatically powering down after extended periods of non-use. Smart toilets also have auto flush technology which saves water by maxing the flushes powerful but brief; it is more efficient than a regular flush. These features make Smart Toilets environmentally friendly and a great way to save money on your utility bills.

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