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Top 10 Shower Heads: Pros & Cons Explained

Are you thinking about buying a new shower head but you are confused about what kind of shower head you need?

Moreover, you may not realize how many types of shower heads are available in the market, such as fixed shower heads, waterfall shower heads or panel shower heads.

There are many more such shower heads, so here we have selected the top 10 most common shower heads in the market along with their complete guidelines and pros and cons to help you buy the right shower head.

Let’s start without delay, I hope it will be with you.

Top 10 Types Of Shower Heads

1. Standard Fixed Shower Head

The basic fixed shower head, which almost everyone has seen and used, is one of the most popular and common shower heads and can be found at any hardware store or very cheap online store.

Standard Fixed Shower Head
Standard Fixed Shower Head
  • Size: It is 5 inches or less in diameter.
  • Spray Patterns:- They usually come in one spray patterns, but many showers come with three to five settings.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • Requires some kind of plumber.
  • Good quality is not much.
  • In most cases only one shower spray setting.
  • The shower head cannot be rotated too much.

It is usually wall mount showerhead and can be moved up and down very slightly but not too much.

Compared to other shower heads, this fixed shower heads universal and very easy to purchase, install and replace, and this shower head is also very easy to maintain.

This can be replaced by yourself and there is no need to contact a plumber unless there is a major problem.

It’s parts are easily available and it is durable and cost effective. This type of difference is called Fixed Shower Heads or Wall-mount showerheads

2. Waterfall (Rain) Shower Head

If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable shower head that will help you make bath time a stress-relieving escape, then you might immediately think of a waterfall shower head.

Waterfall Shower Head
Waterfall Shower Head
  • Size:- 6 inches or more in diameter are either round or square. Usually, 18 inches and more than 12 inches are used.
  • Spray Patterns:- Rain shower
  • Most rainfall shower heads can be replaced on your own.
  • Another creates a sensation just like rain.
  • Water is very expensive
  • There is only one shower settings .
  • low water pressure can cause problems.

It is also called a rainfall shower head because it will come down as a direct rainstorm.

Its size is usually from 6 inches to 12 inches. However, many luxury shower heads are 18 inches in size.

This is because the shower head simulates rain, so it consumes extra water which can increase your water bill to some extent.

It is often attached to the ceiling if you are planning a bathroom renovation, otherwise, it can cost a little more as existing shower head you have to add an overhead shower arm.

They only have one set but now some modern rain shower heads have come on the market which provide you with advanced spray setting.

3. Handheld Shower Head

If you are a gentle natured person and tend to take care of yourself a little more than others, you can definitely do with a handheld showerheads.

Handheld Shower Head
Hand Held Shower Head
  • Size:- It has an elongated handle with a flexible metal pipe or PVC pipe attached.
  • Spray Patterns:- This type of handheld shower head has 6 to 9 different spray patterns.
  • It reaches all parts of the body
  • Convenience to accommodate children and pets
  • Water leaks through the flexible hose pipe

By using it, you can wash any part of the body very well. A hand shower is a great way to get close to your skin from any angle.

This type of shower head are particularly famous for their different spray settings that make them stand out from the rest. Generally, there are 9 types of spray pattern available, more than that in luxury shower heads.

With this handheld showerhead help, excess soap and shampoo can be washed off very easily.

It has a special advantage in that it has a hose pipe that you can move in different directions.

It has a hose pipe that makes it especially convenient to bathe your beloved children and pets, even the elders of the house who have difficulty standing can take a shower sitting down with the hand shower.

Here you have a special holder for mounting the shower head which you can use as needed.

4. High Pressure Shower Heads

This type of shower head is ideal for individuals whose shower has a low pressure shower head or whose shower water only falls on the body but does not perform at all.

High Pressure Shower Head
High Pressure Shower Head
  • Size:- It is 5 inches or less in diameter.
  • Spray Patterns:-It has multi functional spray settings that will give you massage benefits.
  • An easy way for those who are suffering from low water pressure problems.
  • Massage spray is available.
  • An excess amount of water is consumed.
  • Comparatively the price of this type of shower is high.

High pressure shower head reduces the flow rates and increases the water pressure at the outlet which determines the pressure.

If you feel like soap and shampoo aren’t washing your body, you need a high pressure shower head.

It will solve your problem due to low pressure.

It comes with many high pressure shower head settings but it has a disadvantage in that it consumes a lot of amount of water which will worry about the water bill when drawn.

5. Low Pressure Shower Head

These types of shower heads are popularly known as eco performance shower head. It requires less water than a regular shower head.

Low Pressure Shower Head
Low Pressure Shower Head
  • Water consumption:- It consumes very little amount of water.
  • Spray Setting:- Only one.
  • Very choice for environment friendly.
  • The water bill will save a lot.
  • There is only one set.

Low flow shower head specially connected to those plumbing lines where the water pressure is low. Another advantage of using it is that the water bill is reduced.

Any fountain you tend to buy will range from 2.0 GPM to 2.5 GPM, but a low flow shower heads is 1.8 to 1.5 GPM.

The lower the GPM flow shower heads you use, the less amount of water, which lowers your water bill.

6. Dual Showerhead

It is a combination of handheld shower head and wall mount shower heads. It is a shower head always attached to the wall and mounted on a shower head that can be opened and cleaned as needed.

Dual Head Shower Head
Dual Head Shower Head
  • Water consumption:- Equally more than normal.
  • Spray Setting:- There are 5 to 8 types of shower head spray.
  • Two shower facilities in one
  • Multi-functional use.
  • The price is higher than normal shower heads.

Where other types of shower heads give you the convenience of using one shower head, you get the convenience of using dual shower heads at the same time.

In this, you can clean your body part as you need and you can also use my shower very easily.

7. Filtered Shower Head

A multi functional filtered shower head means that there will be a filter installed on the shower head whose purpose is to filter the water coming into the shower head from various harmful chemicals.

Filtered Shower Head
Filtered Shower Head
  • Filter Validity:- 6 months depending on usage.
  • First Time Use:- When using it for the first time, black water may come out for the first time due to activation of the carbons inside the filter cartridge, it will clear within 20-30 seconds.
  • Hair and skin are fine.
  • Will bring a luxurious feeling.
  • It has to be changed after a certain period of time

shower head filters usually filters out excess chlorine along with calcium, activated carbon and other heavy dirt and minerals.

Using a filter shower heads will keep your hair and skin healthy, and especially when you’re using hot water, it opens up the skin cells that harmful pollutants can damage.

The filter in a shower head should be changed periodically if it depends on the usage, about 6 months.

Due to the filter head, the price of showers is slightly increased and most of the filter required maintained .

8. LED Showerhead

Not only will the lights turn on when you use the shower, but a predetermined pattern will change from one colour to another depending on the temperature of the water.

LED Shower Head
LED Shower Head
  • LED:- Available in many colors
  • Install:- Very easy to install.
  • Great for low light.
  • No batteries are required.
  • Excellent for only aesthetic.

LED lights Shower Head It’s not just that you shower, this shower will bring a different feel to your shower.

Another great thing is that these led lights don’t need extra batteries to light up, they work on water pressure.

The best thing about it is that it attracts the kids more than their reluctance to shower and makes your shower room a different light.

9. Shower Panels

This shower head type shower panel is a combination of all the different types of showers that I have discussed so far, which will help you create a sophisticated look in your shower room.

Shower Panel
Shower Panel
  • Modern: Another form of the modern system.
  • Features :- There are many different systems.
  • multi functional shower features
  • Very modern.
  • Water pressure decreases.
  • Very valuable.

In this, you will find almost all kind of shower head – such as rainfall shower heads, handheld shower heads with advanced features, body massage shower heads and temperature of the water control with LED lights.

If you are looking to upgrade your old bathroom shower in a new way, then you can proceed here.

However, it has some downsides that I wouldn’t say are bad but you need to know first, it reduces the water pressure too much for many showers and it is quite expensive to maintain.

But it’s a great choice for those who love cuteness and cuteness wholeheartedly.

10. RV/Camper Shower Head

RV Shower Heads We usually think of low water pressure, but no matter what happens, we install a high-pressure shower head.

RV or Champer Shower Head
RV or Camper Shower Head
  • Very effective for small water tanks.
  • Small and sleek
  • Great for low water pressure.
  • Great for camping.
  • Not practical for all plumbing

RV shower heads are great for those with small tanks or limited water systems who can use this RV shower head.

It is especially useful for those who go camping, that’s why it is called a camp shower head.

But to install it will not come with a bathroom normal hook, you will have to arrange it with your plumber.

How to choose the best shower head

1.Water Spray

One thing I forget to check when we go to buy a shower head or check it online is the different kind of sprays in the shower head, which gives us an extra relaxing shower experience with different types of sprays during our shower.

2.Spray Pattern

This spray pattern can be of many types –

  • 1. intensify
  • 2. Massage
  • 3. Energy
  • 4. Relax
  • 5. Oval
  • 6. Wide oval
  • 7. Oval downpour
  • 8. Pause/Trickle

There are many more types and they become specific

3.Flow rates (gallons per minute)

It can flow up to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The Environmental Protection Agency recommends households use items with a flow rate of 1.8 GPM instead. In some places, like California, the maximum shower head flow is 1.8 GPM.

4.High-pressure shower head

In the US, shower heads allow for 80 psi of water pressure.

5.the temperature of the water

For hot water heaters, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is generally considered the ideal temperature of the water. In addition to reaching the ideal hot temperature for your shower, this temperature of the water is warm enough to prevent bacterial growth in the hot water heater.

6.shower arm

When we take the shower head, we will see that the shower head can be moved or rotated according to the position, and if it can be done, it must be checked.

7.flexible hose

Flexible Pipe This is what I always hear when I go to buy a handheld shower heads or a shower head.

It is very important how long it is, usually, they are 60 inches but luxury products are up to 72 inches long.

Another thing to note is whether the pipe is made of metal or plastic.


When selecting a shower head, it is important to consider factors such as water pressure, flow rate, spray patterns, flexibility, and design.

Understanding the features and functionalities of each type can make the task easier. Those with low water pressure may benefit from a high-pressure shower head, while those with small water tanks may prefer an RV or camper shower head.

It’s recommended to use a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM) to conserve water. LED shower heads and shower panels can provide unique looks, but they may be more expensive to maintain.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect shower head that meets your needs and preferences.


Q1.What Are the Different Types of Shower Heads?

There are many types of shower heads in the market but they can be divided into 10 main shower heads, each shower head has advantages and disadvantages.

Q2.What is Shower Head Called?

When you start a bath, the shower head is the component that is freed from the water. A faucet in a bathroom is made up of showerheads and valves that control the flow of water. A bathtub and shower faucet are made up of three parts: shower head, valve, bath faucet.

Q3.What Does Adjustable Shower Head Mean?

A sliding bar on the adjustable sliding showerhead allows the user to simply raise or lower the shower head from one side. A bar bracket holds an adjustable shower head with a connected Hose that may also be used for a hands-free shower.