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Wax Vs Rubber Toilet Seal: What’s Better?

Toilets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but some constant features that all toilets need to function correctly are either a Wax vs Rubber Toilet Seal.

Wax rings and rubber seals are designed to create an airtight seal between the toilet bowl and the floor level when you toilet installation and repair, preventing leakage and keeping odours in the bowl gasket.

While both types of seals have their benefits, choosing one over the other really depends on what kind of toilet you have and where it is situated.

Wax rings are generally cheaper and easier to install, while rubber seals have a longer lifespan due to customization capabilities.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss all the finer points of wax and rubber seals that will help you decide which type of toilet seal, is, best for your needs.

What is Wax Toilet Seals ?

Wax toilet seals are mess free, perfect sealing solutions that ensure a secure, watertight seal between the toilet and the drainpipe. 

Wax rings consist of a wax cylinder surrounded by an expandable plastic ring and sit underneath the base of the toilet to create this incredibly important sealed connection.

Once installed, wax rings provide a long-term mess free seal that will ensure your bathroom is leak free and functioning at maximum efficiency.

Wax rings provide an essential barrier to keep sewage gas or odors from entering your home while also preventing inefficient drainage into your bathroom floor or even worse – flooding.

What are Rubber Toilet Seals ?

Rubber toilet seals create a water-tight seal around the base of your toilet, key to keeping your bathroom dry and safe from water leaking out at the connection point.

Rubber Toilet Seals are mostly rubber or rubberized ring seals that come in wax-free types. Rubber is more flexible than wax and may be utilised to fill minor gaps and provide a reliable, wax-free seal between the flange and the bowl.

Rubber toilet seals are also simpler and quicker to install, meaning those who need them can enjoy leak-proof toilets in no time.

Wax vs Rubber Toilet Seal


Replacing a toilet bowl seal is an important part of regular home maintenance. If it has been years since your last replacement, it’s time to decide between wax and rubber seals.

Wax seals are traditional, yet can deteriorate over time, requiring frequent replacement in order to remain in good condition. 


On the other hand, wax-free or rubber seals offer a more durable alternative, with a single replacement often lasting for several years.

Regardless of whether you go for wax or rubber, make sure that the replacement is successful and your toilet will look as good as new again!

3.Heated Floor

Now that many homeowners are installing heated floors in many bathroom floors, especially for the extra comfort factor, those floors definitely require a special kind of toilet seal – a rubber wax-free seal.

When heated floor elements come into contact with traditional wax rings, the heat from the floor can cause the wax to melt and deteriorate, affecting both its water-tightness as well as its sealing power.

It is therefore essential to choose a rubber toilet seal that is wax free and specifically designed for heated floors in order to ensure optimal performance and safety.

4.Corrosive Cleaner 

Toilets are essential to maintaining a safe and clean household, however, many seal materials can be quickly damaged by corrosive cleaners such as bleach.

However, rubber and foam seals are especially prone to damage, and wax-free models aren’t expected to last as long as wax-type ones and many come with a 10-year warranty.


Installing a wax or rubber toilet seal is an easy and inexpensive DIY project. When choosing a wax seal, be sure to select the correct wax depending on the temperature of the floor where the toilet will be installed.

For wax-free seals, it is important to ensure that the seal fits tightly against its flange for proper installation; Double checking with a layer can help ensure a watertight seal.

If you think you know a plumber who has done a job for you, talking to him will help you make better choices and what we’ve said here will definitely help you.

FAQ: Wax vs Rubber Toilet Seal

Q1.What Do Plumbers Use To Seal Toilets?

Plumbers often use wax or wax-free toilet seals when installing a new toilet. Wax seals are thicker and may provide a better seal against water leaks, although wax-free seals still offer good protection against leaks. The wax-free seals are often easier to install since they are made of plastic, while wax can be difficult to apply evenly and may require more time for installation.

Q2.How Long Do Wax Seals Last Toilet?

Wax seals are often used in toilets to ensure a tight fit between the wax ring and the flange. Wax seals can last up to 25 years before needing replacement, wax-free seals will generally last longer.

Q3.Should You Caulk Around The Bottom Of A Toilet?

Installing a new toilet can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! One important decision you’ll need to make is whether or not to caulk around the bottom of the toilet before setting it into place. Not only does sealing the area help keep in water, thus avoiding water damage and costly repairs, but it will also make your bathroom looks cleaner and more polished.

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