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Wall Mounted Toilets Pros And Cons: Expert Suggestion

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Wall-mounted toilets have become increasingly popular over the years, offering homeowners a modern and sleek design to suit their bathroom space.

They certainly bring a unique advantage, such as reduced excess water consumption due to reduced flush volume and less wall clutter due to the toilet wall hiding any unusual pipes.

But wall-mounted or wall-hung toilets can also come with various problem. For example, wall-mounted toilets require unique wall framing which can be expensive or time-consuming depending on your remodel.

Similarly, they cannot be easily replaced if something goes wrong and often require professional help before a replacement can be considered.

Keeping all that in mind, we will discuss in this blog wall mounted toilets pros and cons, which will help you choose the best wall mounted toilet.

Let’s start without delay then.

Wall Mounted Toilet Pros

When it comes to wall-mounting toilets, it’s important to have the right type of toilet and a well-designed wall to ensure a secure installation.

The ideal design should allow for a sturdy attachment between the toilet and the wall, while also providing enough counterweight underneath to avoid sacrificing valuable floor space. Proper consideration of these factors will ensure a successful installation and maximize the functionality of your chosen type of toilet.

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1.Modern Aesthetic Look

One of the advantages of a wall-mounted toilet is that it provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that gives your bathroom a modern look.

These fixtures save floor space when installed from the wall, making them a great choice for contemporary bathrooms. Wall-mounted toilet facilities make cleaning the floor easier for better bathroom hygiene, as no dirt remains under the bowl or seat.

2.Tank Inside The Wall

The best of the wall mounted toilet facilities is that the tank is installed inside the wall, which the common man will not understand.

Instead of seeing a huge water tank blocking your view of the restroom, it’s hidden behind the wall. Not only does it free up extra space in the bathroom, it also enhances the look and feel of any restroom due to its sleek and modern design.

3.Easy To Clean

Wall-mounted toilet facilities are much easier to clean than traditional ones, as the floor is touched less and there are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate.

This makes it easier for cleaning products to reach all surfaces. Often, traditional toilets may require specialized equipment or specialist cleaners, so these wall mounted facilities are not only easier to keep clean but also more cost-effective.

4.Custom Height of Installation

Wall mounted toilet facilities are designed to be the ideal height for any user, and the toilet should touch the floor of your bathroom if the installation is done correctly.

You can adjust the height very well in this type of toilet and it will not obstruct the height.

5.Installation Flexibility

Wall-mounted toilet facilities provide a convenient and installation-friendly option when traditional floor-mounted systems are not feasible or desirable.

Due to the flexibility in where they can be installed, wall-mounted toilets can often help to address bathroom design limitations such as lack of floor space, long runs of plumbing that create an unappealing aesthetic, and challenging ventilation designs. Not only are wall-mounted restrooms easier to install than traditional floor models, 

6. Save Space in The Bathroom

Wall-mounted toilet facilities provide a space-saving solution to the typical bathroom space. Mounting the toilet onto the wall, it allows for more space within the bathroom to incorporate other design elements that may have been previously impractical due to space issues.

Wall Hung Toilet Cons

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1.Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

There is one important thing to consider when installing a wall-hung toilet: the weight limit. Since the toilet is mounted directly on the wall, it can create a big problem if there is too much weight.

When overweight people sit down, this type of toilet sometimes becomes loose or leaks plumbing water.

2.Wall Hung Toilet Movement

Wall-hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms, as they provide both stylish and efficient use of space.

However, there are some potential pitfalls to consider when buying one. A major disadvantage is that wall-hung toilets can be a tripping hazard if not securely mounted; They require expert installation which can be expensive.

3. Repair and Maintenance

A wall-hung toilet poses some unique challenges, especially when it comes to repair and maintenance due to the type of installation.

Most plumbing is installed behind walls, which makes repairs difficult without dismantling the wall or using special tools—both of which can increase labor costs if not handled with diligence and precision.

4. Wall-Hung Toilets are More Expensive

Wall-hung toilets provide a modern, sleek look to any bathroom and come with many features, but it comes at a premium cost. Unlike traditional toilets which are typically less expensive, wall-mounted models require exceptional framing and construction requirements in order to properly install.

Additionally, replacement parts for wall-hung toilets can be difficult to locate which could cause undue stress if necessary repairs arise in the future.

Although they are becoming commonplace in today’s homes, homeowners should take into account the financial implications of investing in a more expensive model when considering their next bathroom renovation.

5.Very Shallow Depth And Tiny Water Pool

Wall hung toilets are gaining increasing popularity due to their spacious and modern aesthetics but shallow depth and small water pools are the main problems faced by users while using wall hung toilets.

How Do You Unclog a Wall-Mounted Toilet?

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Removing a wall-mounted toilet is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is the right tools and techniques! To start, you’ll want to get a plunger. 

Submerge the plunger cup in water, deep enough to cover it. Place the plunger over the drain hole of the wall-mounted toilet, making sure to create a strong seal.

Then plunge vigorously several times, simultaneously pushing down and up on the handle.  If that doesn’t do the trick, a chemical or enzyme cleaner can help break down clogs in minutes. And if all else fails,

Rather than trying to unclog it yourself, you should call a professional plumber – they’ll have the right tools and know how to take care of your problem quickly and easily!

Is a Wall-Mounted Toilet The Right Solution For You?

Wall-mounted toilets are becoming increasingly popular for their modern and sleek design, as well as their ability to save significant floor space.

This is a great solution if you have a small bathroom and are looking for a modern upgrade.

Before installing a wall-mounted toilet it is also important to consider proper mounting hardware that can support both the toilet and the user’s weight.

Additionally, when installing a wall-mounted toilet, it is important to consider how much maintenance it will require since the bowl itself is not in contact with the slab or floor.

There’s no doubt that wall-mounted toilets offer aesthetic sophistication and convenience, making them an option worth considering if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom.

FAQ: Wall Mounted Toilets Pros And Cons

Q1.Do Wall-Mounted Toilets Leak?

Wall mounted toilets often leak when there is a mistake in installation and also when people sit on a lot of weight, the plumbing loosens, which happens like this.

Q2.Are Wall Hung Toilets Harder To Maintain?

A wall hanging toilet is very easy to maintain as it is not attached to any floor so the set is easy to clean and its sleek design and smooth finish does not accumulate any dirt.

Q3.When Should You Use a Wall Mounted Toilet?

Wall mounted toilets are easy to install and offer several advantages that make them more suitable in certain situations. These toilets offer easy maintenance and cleaning access, as well as offering more space in the bathroom than traditional fixtures.

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