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How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing: Easy Way

How to clean Bathroom floor without scrubbing

The tile floor is now a choice of every homeowner, especially in the case of bathrooms or shower areas. That is one of the reasons why it is so beautiful and durable.

But the first problem we have to deal with when installing tile for this bathroom or shower is to clean it, but the first thing that comes to mind is to clean it by rubbing it.

but if you clean it in this way, it loses its lustre and with that, it’s extremely painful.

So the best way to avoid this is to find out how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing!

Don’t worry, I will talk about many ways that you will not have any problem with cleaning the shower tile after this.

Why do bathroom tiles get dirty?

Many of us think that after using the shower every day and how its tile can get dirty where we are getting regular water,

But we may not think that the water we are pouring over the shower tiles is dirty water and it contains dirt and the dirt starts to rise which becomes clear over time if the reason behind the tile getting dirty is…

Soap Foam – Soap foam may not even bother us, but this shower tile is dirtier than soap scum.

Hard Water- About 85% of people in the United States have access to hard water, a hard water mineral that accumulates on the tiles, and makes the tiles look dirty.

Dirt and Grime:- We often do not clean the side when it comes to shower tiles, which tend to accumulate there.

Use of Detergent: – Many of us use detergents in the shower area, which often causes us to stain our shower tiles.

Above we will talk about some of the reasons why dirty, now let’s talk about how dirty can be cleaned very easily without rubbing, I hope you will find it useful.

The best way to clean shower tiles without Scrubbing: Expert Perception

Have you ever wondered how to clean a shower tile without scrubbing? Many of us have thought before that this is possible only with an expert person.

But no you can clean your shower tile without scrubbing and it can be done almost by the things in the house and at a very low cost. So let’s find out how this is possible.

1. Clean with vinegar and detergent:-

Experts say that vinegar is a major household item in almost every home, which can be handled in many parts of the house, and this is also called homemade solutions. take equal proportions (1:1) of vinegar and any good working dishwasher detergent and warm it a little then take it in a spray-bottle for your shower.

Spray the solution on the tiles well all over the place and after leaving it for an hour then wash it well then see the magic, you will be amazed.

In this case, it is better to say that if your floor is a stone tile, it is better not to use vinegar.

2. Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance present in every home and easily found in any Medical store. You can use it as an antiseptic or a bleaching cleaning agents and it is very strong.

As a result, it may assist you in cleaning even the toughest stains as well as getting rid of mold and mildew from your tiles

Hydrogen-peroxide You mix one part with two parts of water (1:2), pour the mixture into a spray bottle and let it sit for 30 minutes,

Then rub the area with a soft sponge-like substance and rub all those places, especially the major stains. then wash it.

Now to remove stains from tile and grout lines, mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide (2:1) and apply the paste to the tile grout and let it sit for about 30 minutes,

Then wipe the skin tightly with a damp cloth and the rest. Wash tiles and grout to remove parts, then dry thoroughly with a clean towel.

3. Use baking soda and vinegar

I’m sure every home has baking soda and vinegar. Not only will this help you to remove tiles stains, but it will also help you to eliminate bad odours in the shower room.

This helps you not only with the shower tile but also with the tile grouting areas.

Make a thick paste by mixing water with baking soda to remove tile stains including grouting.

After that, you put a few drops of vinegar on the paste and you will see bubbles rising from there, which means that the reaction in the vinegar or baking soda paste has taken place.

After keeping it for about an hour, you can wash the area with cold water and wash each grout area thoroughly.

4. Use bleach and baking soda

Bleach and baking soda can be a great cleaning solution if you have not used porcelain tile. You make a thick paste with bleach and baking soda in the ratio of 1: 2 and apply it well on all the tile parts with all the grouting.

When the paste is completely dry, then rinse with cold water. But first of all, in the case of porcelain tiles, the tile cannot lose its lustre.

5. Apply borax and hydrogen peroxide

If you have read this much, it means that you are very worried about the shower floor. Because borax and hydrogen peroxide is the only final solution when something is not working.

First, take borax and pour it over your tile for 5 hours so that the alkaloids of borax and the dirt and grime accumulated on the tiles enter each stain and clean the tiles thoroughly.

After 5 hours, pour hydrogen peroxide on it and keep it for about two more hours.

Finally, wash the whole floor with warm water. The advantage is that there is no need to scrub.

6. Use Clorox bleach and hot water

I recommend using Corax only immediately if the above methods are not working or you have cleaned after a long time (six months or one year),

Mix 1 cup of Corax with 4 cups of hot water and mix it well until it is completely absorbed because if not mixed, the bleach stays on the tile for a long time and it can cause permanent damage to the tile.

Pour the mixture evenly over the tile and let it sit for half an hour then rinse.

Be very careful when using it, always use hand gloves, and a mask.

7. Use Oxygen Bleach:-

Before thinking about borax or chlorox bleach, you can think of oxygen bleach.

Add 3 teaspoons of oxygen bleach to a 2-gallon bucket and stir well for 30 seconds. And wipe the entire floor tiles with this mixture with a soft cloth.

After leaving the mixture for at least 15 minutes, wash it thoroughly and deeply clean the grout lines with a toothbrush.

8. Clean the shower floor by steam:-

If you do not want to resort to any aggressive method or any rubbing method, you can easy to clean it with steam. Leave hot water in your shower and then close the gate of your shower room. You will see that after 10 minutes the holes will open and the dirt will loosen up.

However, keep a little distance while running hot water.

9. Use a Magic Eraser

If you do not want to do anything harsh to the shower tile again you can not get hot water from your faucet then you can use a magic eraser in which you rub gently for tiles stained area. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

But keep in mind that just for daily scars, it will not work for any serious scars.

10. Use a Phosphoric Acid Cleaner

Phosphoric Acid Cleaner is a simple solution that is a unique way if you don’t want to scrub.

Using it with it does not cause any tile damage. But keep in mind that it does not come in contact with your skin.

Spread them on the tiles and leave them to sit for a few minutes and then rinse with cold water.

The last way is to use a steam cleaner

The last resort we are told to do is not to rub the bathroom in a harmful chemical or very painful way, using a steam cleaner will solve all your problems. Through this, the hot water releases high-pressure vapour.

This will turn all the stains into a wet stains. Then who can remove it or wash it?

Although it will not harm your tiles, be sure to seek expert advice when buying a cleaner. And it will fix your problem for a few years.

To finish

Thank you for coming so far. There are many ways for you to clean your shower tiles without scrubbing. You can always fix it with vinegar or baking soda at home or you can choose to buy any harsh chemicals like bleach from the store.

You can buy a steam cleaner in an unimaginable way and you can get rid of all these problems. Hopefully, the list above will help you find the most suitable solution for your needs. I ended up saying good luck, and good clean.

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