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Can a Phantom Flush Be Fixed Without Calling a Plumber

Phantom flush toilet problems are one of the worst problems and feel worst when you have moved to a new place or have a guest at your home.

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It is due to some technical problem that the water toilet flushes itself, which creates a terrible situation, so it can be solved very quickly.

Not only will you save yourself money by tackling this plumbing hassle yourself, but you’ll also avoid an unnecessary bump in your monthly water bill.

That’s why we in this blog can a phantom flush be fixed without calling a plumber which will help you save money.

Let’s start without delay then.

What is a Phantom Flush ?

Toilet ‘ghost flushing‘ or phantom flush is when your toilet randomly and inexplicably starts to flush without being touched.

This can usually be traced back to a malfunctioning toilet valve-in other words, they’re stuck in an open or partially open position, causing a change in water pressure that ultimately triggers the toilet water valve to activate the toilet flapper, causing it to flush.

These phantom flushes can be frustratingly persistent and expensive in waste water, so if you start hearing strange noises from your toilet, take note!

Can a Phantom Flush Be Fixed Without Calling a Plumber

If you’ve ever experienced the phenomenon of a ghost flushing toilet, you know how frustrating it can be. A phantom flush is when your toilet randomly runs water for no apparent cause. 

1.Ghost Flushing With New Flapper

If this happens after your flapper is installed, the first thing you need to check is to determine if the flapper valve is working properly.

An easy way to do this is to add a few drops of food coloring to your tank and see if it seeps into the bowl.

If food coloring makes it into the bowl, chances are the flapper valve needs to be replaced. After replacing the flapper, you should no longer experience phantom flushing problems in your home.

2.Toilet Bowl Crack

A phantom flush occurs when water is released from a cracked toilet bowl. This water can leak slowly, so the water in the tank will activate the flush valve, making it appear as if the toilet flushes itself.

To stop this problem from happening, you must first turn off the water supply to your toilet bowl.

Once you’ve turned off the water, you should then look into installing a new toilet bowl as this may have caused the problem in the first place.

3.Toilet Tank crack

This is a number of problems that occur because toilet tank cracks are caused by water entering the toilet tank from a crack or other water source.

This can happen if there is water pressure in the water supply pipes which causes them to break and slip through small cracks.

Water can enter the toilet tank but does not initiate the normal fill cycle, it remains full and never drains during flushing.

As a result, water is continuously being supplied inside the tank unnoticed, leading to wastage of water and high water bills.

4.Misplace Tank Fil Tube

To solve the phantom flush, you need to check your toilet’s fill valve. If it sticks out too far and water drips down the overflow pipe, this could be a sign of a faulty tank fill tube.

In this case, visit your nearest hardware store to replace the parts. The solution should be relatively simple and can save you a lot of toilet problems in the future.

5.Loose Shutoff Valve

Many suspected phantom flush flushes are caused by a loose shutoff valve found in toilet flush valves.

If you recognize these symptoms in your own bathroom, you can easily get to your local hardware store and have the part installed and get rid of the flush fiasco!

6.Toilet Tank Flange

A metal strip located inside or below the tank. It is responsible for controlling the flow of water from the tank to the bowl itself, and if installed incorrectly it can sometimes cause water infiltration that can create ghost flushing.

Summary of Can a Phantom Flush Be Fixed Without Calling a Plumber 

Hope you like this blog and what causes a phantom flush and what can be done about it. Among the solutions mentioned above, toilet tank cracks and fill tubes are very common.

Hope you understand how to solve them. If you know something from this blog then you must share it with your friends and comment below if you know anything

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